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07/05/2020 | Issue 8

President's Message
Is Real Teaching Going On?
Last week, I spent three days at the The Kapama Private Game Reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa. I could easily go on and on and share my pictures of the elephants, lions, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, rhinoceroses, and leopards, but instead I want to tell you of another truth that I observed from my vantage point on five three-hour safaris.

Pictured here is John, our expert guide and driver. He started his career in 2005 and is very proficient at discerning where the animals are on any given day within the 13,000 hectares of the reserve.  He was accompanied by Domisani (Doo-me), a young man who has a mere nine months of tracker training under his belt, and who sits on a seat mounted on the front left side of the hood of their custom-built Toyota safari truck.

John would drive and supervise, while Domisani would scan the bush for wildlife and at the same time be looking along the road for fresh tracks and dung. Yes, I did say "dung." Civility and brevity prevent me from going into more detail on the matter; however, I can assure you that in the African wild one of the best ways to confirm an animal’s current habits and adventures is to pay close attention to their poo!

John and Domisani spend several hours together every day on their hunt for the elusive indigenous birds, felines, and other wildlife for the ultimate enjoyment of their camera-clicking passengers who are relishing the experience of a lifetime. Domisani is a willing and compliant learner, and it was apparent that he has great respect for his excellent teacher and passion for their craft. He is learning all of the skills necessary to be a very successful guide. In their world, the stakes are high because if they make a mistake, it could mean death or severe injury.

In the vehicle leasing industry, we spend a lot of time talking about the most effective ways to train our new prodigies so that one day they can take on senior management roles. However, the sad reality is that we can spend far more time talking about teaching than actually doing it. Often, it is because we are wasting too much time and energy on today, and not spending enough on tomorrow.

Years ago, I was coaching our ten-year-old son through a task, and it wasn’t going particularly well when, in frustration, I said, "Ian, I’m teaching you how to do this!" To my surprise, he immediately responded: "No, you aren’t, Dad. I haven’t learned anything yet, so that means you have not been teaching."

We can get frustrated with the lack of learning by new hires when, in many cases, the impediment is that the teacher, not the student, is falling short. As I learned from John and Domisani and a ten-year-old: for someone to learn, there has to be real teaching going on.

Education is now a major priority for the NVLA. Our board of directors just spent considerable time at our annual meeting reviewing a new program that will be implemented over the coming months and rolled out at our upcoming annual conference held March 25 – 27, 2020 in Austin, Texas.

We look forward to being an integral partner with our members to support a successful learning environment.


Lease Here Pay Here / Buy Here Pay Here – It’s a Game Changer in the Pay Here Market
Bill Elizondo, COO of AFS Dealers and 30-year subprime veteran, weighs the LHPH and BHPH models and how each can fit into your current business.
The idea of both financing options, LHPH and BHPH, is to get a customer who would normally not qualify for conventional financing into a suitable vehicle.  Thus, the dealer avoids paying heavy fees and recourse to a finance company.  In both cases, it is the dealer that will be responsible for the sales, service, collections, and ultimately the success of its customers, though the bigger picture involves evaluating the potential for the profitability and success of these two options.  

BHPH has been in the mainstream for over 40 years and has become an excellent revenue and profit source for independent and new car dealers alike. LHPH has been in the marketplace for the last 10 years or so, and with the change in tax laws in the Pay-As -You-Go states, it has become a game changer for this market.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages that come with the LHPH and BHPH models is essential to understanding how either one might complement your business model.

Lease Here Pay Here is a true game changer in our growing industry and if done well can be extremely profitable. Like anything else that we view as a new idea, we research and ask questions and refer to resources. Utilize them and gather insight to determine if LHPH is right for you.

Following are advantages and disadvantages for both options and items to consider when implementing a LHPH or BHPH program...

Board of Directors Update
Nick Markosian, NVLA's Director at Large, shares about the Board of Directors Annual Meeting and what's next for the NVLA.
Earlier this month, our board of directors met for its annual meeting in scenic Brigantine, New Jersey. A plethora of topics was covered, including the annual conference from March 25-27, 2020 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, TX. Registration is now open for this preeminent networking and educational event. We will be adding a mobile app for the conference this year, making for easy navigation of the agenda and various workshops. We also plan to publish a new and improved brochure this month for companies interested in showcasing their products and services at NVLA 2020.

Additionally, the board of directors unanimously approved joining the Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA). More information is forthcoming.

During our meeting, we spoke to many NVLA members to gather input and ideas about existing membership benefits, LeaseWire, educational needs, and the annual conference. Thank you to those members for their valuable input. As a result of this feedback, you will see improvements in all NVLA endeavors.

Board members also reviewed the 2020 budget and voted to continue investments in improving LeaseWire. Our monthly newsletter functions to communicate the latest news and innovations in the leasing industry, as well as provide a space that builds on the community and fellowship we all enjoy at the annual conference.  If you are interested in having your company featured or contributing content to LeaseWire, please e-mail our editor, Jamie Pontarelli, at

Your membership and attendance at the conference is the life blood of our association, and the board is pleased to report that the association is as strong as it’s been since the Great Recession. As a result, the NVLA looks forward to many years of education for and services to our loyal members...

NVLA 2020 Conference Registration - OPEN!
Save the date for the NVLA 2020 Annual Conference held March 25-27 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

The Sheraton Austin Hotel is in the heart of the world-famous music city! With a convenient location to transportation, dining, and music, this hotel is the perfect home base in downtown Austin.

NVLA is the preeminent organization for the leasing industry, promoting responsible legislation and encouraging the highest ethical and professional standards. Our annual conference attracts high-level attendees, ensuring productive networking among independent lessors and quality service providers for the leasing industry.


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