07/05/2020 | Issue 7

President's Message
Saving on Energy Costs, or ... How are Salespeople Like Peas in Your Garden?
Most of us who run a business regularly review and study our P & L to ferret out as many cost savings initiatives as possible. Often, the most significant efficiencies are accomplished in small increments piled one on another. After all, "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

Conserving energy is an easy win. Those who have installed LED lighting in their operation have been able to see an almost immediate reduction in electricity costs. Topping up insulation and installing HVAC energy management systems can also result in a healthy boost to the bottom line. Maximizing our savings on these types of energy has become a given in today's business world.

Yet, few companies accurately measure the amount of energy and money they waste in their attempts to build a productive sales staff. We need our salespeople; they are crucial to our operations. However, many pour resources into this black hole with little or no accountability or calculation of what it ends up costing to get a sale.

In the early 1800s, Pareto noticed that 80% of the peas in his garden came from 20% of the pods. He further calculated that 80% of the land in his country of Italy was owned by 20% of the people. We know this today as the "80/20 rule," and it applies to many productivity measurements, including sales teams. Many of us have sales departments where 80% of sales come from 20% of the people. We accept this frustration as a cost of doing business, and in fairness, this rule doesn’t just apply to the sales division. 

We need to approach sales efficiency as diligently as we approach energy efficiency. The road to sales productivity starts with measuring what works and what doesn’t. Paramount is calculating our cost of acquisition. What does a new customer cost? You can find this out by measuring what you spend to get a new customer, and this includes not only what you pay your salespeople, but also, and not limited to, the cost of their training, support, and supervision. Remember, that without proper training, we get what we deserve. Higher sales productivity only comes with the appropriate investment of time and energy!

We appreciate that both NVLA's conference committee and education committee are spending a great deal of time these days focusing on ways that our association can provide more value in these areas through conference speakers and workshops, in addition to an effective education program.

You can help by letting us know what has worked for you and who has helped to make your sales organization more successful. Send me your ideas to


NVLA Member Spotlights
Kriete Group
Tony Rieck, VP of Fleet Management, shares about the longstanding Wisconsin-based organization that provides fleet solutions and more.
NVLA Affinity Program - BMW MINI
We are excited to announce NVLA has partnered with BMW and MINI to offer our members access to its Corporate Fleet Incentive Program.

To learn more about the BMW and MINI program, please contact BMW and MINI representative, Tom Lauer, at
NVLA 2020 Conference Registration - OPEN!
The NVLA's 2020 Annual Conference will take place at Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Sheraton Austin Hotel is in the heart of the world-famous music city! With a convenient location to transportation, dining & music, this hotel is the perfect home base in downtown Austin.

NVLA is the preeminent organization for the leasing industry, promoting responsible legislation and encouraging
the highest ethical and professional standards. Our annual conference attracts high level attendees that ensure
productive networking among independent lessors and service providers who are vital to the leasing industry.

Kontos Kommentary

Average wholesale prices in July were flat relative to June and remained up on a year-over-year basis largely on the price strength and growing share of truck-segment sales.  CPO sales continue to buoy off-lease vehicle prices.


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